I Am Not A Natural Born Female, But I Am A Woman None The Less

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For Diamond Stylz, being a woman has very little to do with the way her body was created. She is a woman in style, in grace and perseverance. She has a penis, but she says being a woman is so much more than the prize between your thighs.

A transgender woman is indeed a woman, welcomed with open arms on My Savvy Sisters. Today we chat with Diamond Stylz, a transgender speaker, blogger, Youtuber and educator, who shares her wisdom concerning womanhood, the golden rule and high hopes for acceptance of transgender women everywhere.  ~Te-Erika

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MSS: What is the difference between a female and a woman?
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Diamond: A female is more of a chromosome thing, what sex chromosome your dad past to you mom’s egg from his sperm. Now commonly known, the dad can give one of two type of sex chromosome X or Y …and the mom can only give X…so when conception happen…if XX is giving its a girl if XY is giving it a boy….Now that’s the standard but almost just as frequently as autosomal abnormality, there are sex chromosome abnormality that can result in the child having XXX , XXY, XYY, XO .

The variations are the basis for syndrome like Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome and intersected individuals. That’s has a lot of scientific jargon and stuff that you can look up on your own time if you actually want to learn about those things. Bottom line is a female is a gene thing that vary in some people. Now being a woman is a little different. Woman is a social construct that varies from culture to culture. What and how being a woman is expressed through the world is VERY different from place to place. There are different TYPES of women. There are not different type of females. What a female is stays the same throughout cultures: Someone born with that XX chromosome is female.

MSS: What is one thing people do not understand about your choice to live your life as a woman?

Diamond: There are many thing that people don’t understand. Let’s start with this question you just asked. I am not “living as a woman” says “living as a woman” is implying the I’m pretending or playing dress up. I am not a female but I am a woman and trans woman which is a type of woman. I am making the choice to express my womanhood. This may be confusing to some people because these people are hetero-normative people also known as cisgender people. The sex that their body developed into is the sex that their brain structure develop into so it matches. In transsexuals, the body develops in a one (female or male) direction and the brain develops structurally in the opposite direction of the body.

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I have a whole blog post on my site of researchers and the educated elite sharing their findings to prove this.  The main misunderstanding is that this is an unnatural life style choice we choose when its plenty of evidence that point to the natural occurrence of it. Hermaphrodites, conjoined twins, Down syndrome, etc all exist. that is undeniable. Why wouldn’t there be other forms of genetic abnormalities that occur from nature. I think people don’t explore enough to have an opinion because if they did they wouldn’t be so sure to pigeon hole use as freaks making a choice to be freaks.

MSS: What do you appreciate most about the women in your life?

Diamond: Most of the women in my life have been through experiences that could have broken them but they are still going strong and being successful. That is exactly the type of woman that I hope I am to my peers.

MSS: What do you appreciate the most about BEING a woman?

Diamond: I appreciate our emotions, affection and beauty. I love how we are in tune with our emotions and are passionate about things like love and family.

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MSS: How has living as a woman helped you to appreciate yourself more?

Diamond: Living my truth has allowed me to be more secure about my body, more accepting of intimacy and affection, and more confident. Appreciating yourself opens the doors for other to appreciate you as well.

MSS: What are some of the challenges you face as a woman that you do not believe other natural born women face?

Diamond: Natal born females expressing their womanhood are less likely to be objectified to the extreme levels that transsexual woman are. By no means am I saying they are not objectified, heck yes they are but because transsexual women are outside of the normal of society it force men to hide us and objectify us secretly because of the social consequences that may come from being interested in transwomen. So the level of objectification is different.

MSS: In your opinion, what can be taught to our children that will help them to understand transgender women?

Diamond: THE GOLDEN RULE. Don’t teach your children to deal with difference with violence, hate, or ridicule. Teach them to treat people how they want to be treated. Lead and parent by example. I love my self now and then. I have to attribute that to my mother. She always told me I was beautiful and encouraged me to be the best I can be and be strong in my conviction and honesty. These values laid the foundation for me becoming who I am unapologetically. And bottom-line if my mommy accepted me, fuck the rest of the world. She is the one that had me right?

MSS: Who has been most instrumental in helping to ease your transition?

Diamond: My friends have to be the most instrumental. We protected each other. We openly shared info with each other that advanced us. We were emotionally there for each other when the world and family were not or couldn’t be due to lack of understanding.

MSS: Describe yourself in 3 words.

Diamond: Revolutionary, Multifaceted, Unicorn

MSS: If you have a penis, what makes you a woman?

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Diamond: It’s funny to me how feminist women don’t want to be narrow down to or oppressed just based on their body parts. Does your vagina make you everything you are? Yes it apart of you but it is not every part of your womanhood and in all actuality when a man or society interacts with a woman they don’t actually SEE your vagina they see your mannerisms, your look and everything else besides your vagina.

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They operate under the assumption that you have one because of all those things. Same with me. I don’t want to be reduced to being my penis. It is an undeniable part of my past but it is just one element. If a freak accident cuts off a man’s penis is he not a man anymore? If a woman can’t have kids because her vajayjay is fucked up, is she less than a woman? No. How I interact with the world makes me the woman I am. I am not a natal born female but I am a woman none the less.


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