Review: An Inward Journey Intuitive Coaching With Kelly Canull

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There’s something about Kelly.

Something absolutely spirit evoking. I must have listened to the recorded session she sent me more than 20 times and no, I am not exaggerating. It could be her voice. It could be the way she spoke with such confidence as she channeled her guides or angels or whatever it was that she said was speaking through her as we chatted through Skype one late afternoon last week.

She offers a free session to anyone who is interested in intuitive guidance. That free session includes a 30 minute brief introductory coaching session where she greets you warmly over the phone or Skype and then begins a sort of prayer with clapping asking for infinite wisdom from the beings of love and light that surround her.

Kelly then spoke for 15 minutes non stop informing me that her guides or angels or whatever were showing her that I was in a place of transition and that I felt stuck, lonely and guilty because I had not moved forward. In a semi halting tone she spoke encouragingly, advising me to take heart that my life was about to change and new and different opportunities and people would enter into my life very soon. She said that my old lifestyle, rooted in many lifetimes, of giving and not receiving was now over and I would experience what I hadn’t even dared to believe I could receive, love and support.

I listened skeptically as usual because I don’t trust anyone, but there was something about the way she described my moving into a new phase of life that struck a chord with me. I didn’t affirm her at the time but the very issues that she spoke about were in fact issues that had been pressing on my heart. For weeks now I have been berating myself for not being able to move forward and I consistently asked the heavens to reveal what I was doing wrong. I felt lonely and abandoned and uncared for. I still feel that way. But, I had not expressed these feelings to anyone since I am a women’s empowerment blogger and I didn’t want anyone to know I was feeling like a failure. Kelly picked up on that without my having to explain a thing or even asking a single question.

After her channeled session she asked if I had any questions and concerns and I asked her if there was anything else that I could do to help make my career goals come to pass. She told me that I had done enough hand work and that now was the time to retreat internally and simply ask and believe. This annoyed me because I don’t like having idle hands but I allowed her to speak and was astounded when I asked her how to sharpen my own intuitive abilities and she offered to practice with me on the spot.

Kelly’s work at An Inward Journey is focused on helping the client to tap into their own inner guidance resources. She offers a nice bundle of freebies to anyone who wishes to receive them. I especially enjoyed her Morning Writing Routine which is an exercise of trust building so that you can learn how to hear your soul speak to you.

Although she assured me that something bright and new would enter my life in 2 days, as far as I can see nothing in my circumstances has changed.  But there has been a change. Before, this type of thought process led to many manic days as I reached out to more women, wrote more articles or tried to perfect my keyword strategy in an attempt to do SOMETHING to help change my situation.

After speaking with Kelly these same erratic feelings arose but I responded to them differently. The first thing I did was to give myself a ‘So What?” Day where I said, “So What?” to the many pressures that I had forced upon myself. I did absolutely nothing productive except the visualization techniques she taught me and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.  During the day I listened to the recording Kelly sent me of our session and I allowed her confident voice to remind me of the dreams I had been too afraid to utter aloud.




New experiences.

Kelly CanullWouldn’t that be grand? Until they materialize I’ll keep the faith and hit replay on this fantastic recording that allows me to experience the beauty of my dreams right now, with someone who believes with me and is willing to help pave the way.

Thanks Kelly.

For more information about Kelly Canull’s intuitive coaching sessions and to grab the free tools she offers to help you achieve peace of mind please visit her website An Inward Journey.


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