An IUD Can Save You From a Life of Poverty

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This is a new age for women. These days our birth control options are safer than ever and it is up to us to take advantage if we want to live lifestyles that reflect our full potential.

I believe that the IUD is the best choice for young women who want to steer clear of a life of poverty and despair.

IUD stands for intrauterine device, because it is placed inside your uterus  and releases hormones which prevent pregnancy. IUD are safe and can offer a long lasting option for birth control for 5 to 10 years.

It is a reversible method of birth control which means you can have it removed whenever you are ready to have children which is exactly the type of power you want over your life.

Let’s be honest. Women are becoming more in tune with our bodies and more comfortable being sexual. We are not afraid to open up about our pleasure and our sexual needs. We should enjoy sex without shame and we are. With this newfound freedom comes the responsibility to ourselves to prevent unplanned obstacles from hindering our success and that includes unplanned pregnancies.

Of course many women who face unplanned pregnancies go on to achieve major successes in life but why face an added challenge in an already pressure filled world when you do not have to. You can plan your family when you are ready to be involved 100% instead of having to curb your goals because you fell in love or you made a mistake.

According to a recent study more than half of all children living in poverty are being raised in female headed households in 2014. Poverty is not the worst thing that can happen to you and your family but if you can make a smart decision before it happens to you, you should. Your children deserve better than to listen to you cry because you didn’t prepare for your family before you conceived. They shouldn’t be punished because you didn’t plan. You’re smarter than that. You don’t have to fall for that. You don’t want to set yourself up for a life filled with social service appointments and strict regulations for what you can spend your government issued income on or how much you can earn before your so-called benefits are restricted.

Government assistance is not a benefit, it is a trap. When you have unplanned pregnancies and you run to the government for help you are being trapped into following their rules and living under their conditions. A US. Census report showed that 43 percent of people on government assistance received the handout on a long term basis. Is this a lifestyle you want to choose for yourself?

My Savvy Sisters will not accept a life of poverty or government assistance. Government assistance is not an option for women who are powerful and destined for greatness. What is the first step that we can take to ensure that we are miles away from the poverty lifestyle? We must take control of our reproduction.

Get an IUD as soon as possible. This way those curve balls life throws at you won’t be as harsh because you will only have one mouth to feed and one life to be responsible for. You won’t be tied to any man that you don’t want to be tied to. You won’t have to face the guilt of having an abortion. You will have the freedom to be selfish and to create the life you want. Being selfish is not a bad thing; it is a reward for your hard work and planning ahead.

Your objective is to be selfish until you make the decision that you want to place someone else’s happiness and well-being first. Until then, take charge of your life, get an IUD and be free to grow into the woman you are destined to become.

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