How To Win An Argument In Less Than 2 Minutes

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Are you tired of going around in circles by trying to prove your point during an argument? Do you find that the longer you talk, scream and throw things, they still don’t understand you?

Today I’m going to teach you how to win any argument in less than 2 minutes. This technique will leave your verbal sparring partner at a loss for words and you will have the victory in the end.

The argument begins

“I asked you to buy orange juice,” you say as your bewildered partner shows up with lemonade.

“No, you didn’t. You just asked for juice,” your partner counters back.

“Yes, I did. You did the same thing last week when I asked you to get the tires rotated and you came back with new tires.”

“The car needed new tires!”

“No it didn’t, they just needed a rotation! But just like the simpleton you are, you let the sales guy talk you into spending $400 on new tires that we don’t need. This is coming out of YOUR paycheck, not mine buddy!”

“I am so tired of you and this blame game!” your partner shouts. “I can’t do anything right in your eyes! I told you, the tires needed to be replaced!”

Your eyes grow wide as you imagine….

This is the point where you can begin to scream at your partner about everything that they do wrong in life, listing countless examples of their obvious loss of competency and/or hearing or…

you can simply say- “You may be right. I’m sorry.”


But I’M right! Why should I back down?

2 Reasons. 1) Confuse the engager 2) You win.

By softly admitting that you could be wrong, you confuse the person you are engaging in an argument with because they are high on adrenaline and ready to release all of the tension in their lives on you. You let the air out of their balloon by agreeing with them, which causes them to step back and examine your face and your motives.

Smile sweetly. You can even bow and blow them a kiss.

If you really want to sucker punch them say something like, “You’re the King.”

Be sincere about it though, any hint of sarcasm will push them to start railing on you verbally. Then to put the icing on the cake, make dinner for them.

A nice dinner will do the trick. Make something they love and when you serve it to them, do it with a smile. They will be afraid to eat it and will walk on egg shells around you, wondering what you are up to. This can last for weeks if you keep up the good girl behavior long enough and there will be no arguments during this time because they are waiting for you to explode.

You can go in the bathroom to laugh at them and never let on that you tricked them.

There is nothing wrong with admitting you could be wrong, even when you know that you are right, it saves a lot of hassle and debate unless you simply LOVE the make up sex- in that case- argue away!

For My Savvy Sisters: How do you handle arguments with the people you love? Do your tactics work?

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