Alexis Levine Says Her Success Has Minimal Structure

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Alexis Levine Savvy Media

Alexis Levine, Founder, Savvy Media

In a world that often classifies success for women as ‘sitting beside the big boys in a corporate office’ those who do not identify with that dream feel slighted. This often leads women to settle for the world’s version of success versus redefining their own. Alexis Levine, this week’s Savvy Sister of the Week defied the common definition of success to become the innovator of the next wave in digital marketing.

Alexis, who admittedly suffers (?) from Oppositional Defiance Disorder, founded Savvy Media in 2008 after working at Clear Channel Radio selling SportsTalk. Her radio station had been sold to ESPN and she was reassigned to a different demographic. Instead of taking orders like a good little worker bee, Alexis gathered her clients, opened Savvy Media and promised them a transformation in their business.

Savvy Media, whose focus as a media buying agency is dedicated to infiltrating all things 2.0.; from Digital, Social, New & Emerging Technology. Alexis’ brand waves a banner that reads- “Spend less smarter, utilizing new technology.”

The Venice Beach, California resident still has a storage unit filled with “stuff” back in Washington, DC after letting go of her apartment to experience her version of freedom.

Project Complexis from Alexis Levine on Vimeo.

MSS caught up with 28-year-old Alexis Devine to learn more about this intriguing spirit in hopes that she would share more of her captivating personality with our audience.

MSS: When you engaged in child’s play during your younger years, what did you pretend to be?
Alexis: A camp counselor!

MSS: When people meet you, what do you think their first impression is and how is it different from who you really are behind closed doors?

Alexis: People think I’m really assured & tough upon first impression. I can be very sensitive and tend to second guess myself frequently. That’s always the big misconception.

MSS: What is a unique obstacle that you had to overcome when developing your business?

Alexis: I wanted to create an agency that was unlike any other, leaving no competition. I was able to overcome this by curating project teams made up of the best in the business. By hiring & partnering with freelance talent & boutique agencies, I have been able to offer solutions that were unavailable to clients before Savvy Media.

MSS: Did your social circle change once you became more successful in business?

Alexis: My social circle is made up of doers and dreamers. I’ve made many friends since 2008 who are invested in seeing Savvy Media succeed. These are friends who continue to raise the bar on me and don’t let me settle. While having these friends is an amazing blessing, it’s always nice to kick it with my childhood friends who have been there through everything & really know me and all my weaknesses. I can be vulnerable around these friends, judgment free.

MSS: What do you believe holds women back from turning a dream into a successful business?

Alexis: Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of the unknown. Fear. It’s debilitating if you let it get the best of you.

MSS: Did you have an advantage either financially or socially when developing your business?

Alexis: I’ve always been a social butterfly, which helps. I’ve worked my network, in every market — this has been a helpful advantage that I’ve spent years working for.

MSS: What is it about your lifestyle that you love the most?

Alexis: I love having flexibility. Whether it’s to travel, or to take on passion projects — I am never tied down to one location or one project. It keeps things exciting. I love to keep it moving with minimum structure.

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To learn even more about Alexis Levine’s personal transformation read her article on Forbes.Com. 

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